About us



Artists unite

Literary Fever is a biannual arts publication that brings writers and artists together to collaborate and interpret their progressive works. We believe that artists can teach each other something in the process of examining another work from another discipline. A painting tells a story with a similiar foundation that a narrative does. We operate as a literary journal with many branches, and open our submissions to all artists (writers, visual artists, musicians, etc.).


our mission

(art + words) collaboration

Fever was born on an indifferent day turned do-something-about-it night (September 21, 2007 @ 1:21 a.m. to be exact). In a conflict-driven world, we represent a burning force of artistic expression, and our mission is to keep the arts alive and thriving.

We believe expression is important because it has a voice that can generate and expedite change. We strive to not only better our disciplines as artists, but to bring the arts to a larger platform, reaching those who would not typically consider themselves enthusiasts.