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General Guidelines

Literary Fever publishes up-and-coming and established authors and artists from around the globe. We seek high-quality, innovative and polished work. (If you’re one to throw unwarranted F-bombs like it’s your job, this is probably not the best place for your work). By submitting to Fever, you are granting us first electronic and/or print rights and permission to anthologize and/or archive your work. Upon publication, all rights revert back to you, immediately. We will consider previously published work from writers but the majority of stuff we publish will be hot-off-the-presses.

If your work has been previously published, please let us know. If we accept your work, we ask that you not publish or post the accepted work anywhere (like a blog) before the issue is unveiled.

We DO accept simultaneous submissions under the condition that you notify us immediately upon acceptance. We will not scorn your existence in the event you must retract your submission. You will probably get a “good show, old man” out of us.

We encourage you not take rejection offensively. There could be many different reasons — that do not include “you suck” — as to why we chose not to go with your piece. An example would be that we couldn't find a place in our themed issue for the piece you submitted. We understand the defenses of one’s own work because we’ve experienced it firsthand, but we urge beginning writers, especially, to take down the wall because it will only inhibit your career.

We always try to personally respond to your work. If you don't hear from us in 8 weeks, you may inquire about your submission.

About the benjamins: One day we hope to pay you for your work. Unfortunately, that day is not today. We are starving artists too.


To give you some overview of what we're looking for in each category, we've crafted the following blurbs to guide you in submitting.


When it comes to poetry, we prefer the colloquial and that which relates. We like imagery that evokes emotions, dialogue that shows without telling, and pacing/rhythm that takes the reader on a ride. We dig narrative and experimental, but also believe in the traditional. Please send us a poem where each word is placed with precision and not one syllable is wasted. Send up to 5 poems per issue.


We are not interested in a story where your character kills himself at the end, or robs a bank and gets killed in a rain storm of bullets. It’s not our style and we don’t believe in stories that rely on “the big payoff.” We like character-driven pieces that speak to us about what William Faulkner described as “the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself.”

There is great metaphor and meaning in the everyday. Flash fiction has a better chance than longer pieces. Keep your stories under 2,000 words, as we usually only publish 1-2 longer pieces per issue. Send no more than two pieces per issue.


We accept excerpts from your in-progress memoir, short tales of your adventures and experiences that will enlighten our readers. Though we all go through it, please keep the teenage angst, or woe-is-me out of your submissions. Send no more than two pieces per issue.


We seek interviews with visionary creatives who you have a unique respect for, smart essays that are informative and thought provoking, and satire that will have us calling you the Modern Swift. Send no more than two pieces per issue.


We accept ALL forms of visual art. If you’d like to send us a picture of your kitchen sink, we will not wash our hands with it. We love multi-dimensional, cutting edge and images that attack our senses. We accept .jpgs, .tiffs, ai, .psd and pdfs. Please send no larger than 3MB. Should we need a larger format for print, we will request it. You can send us a link to your portfolio as a submission.


After rolling out the music issue, we decided that we can’t live without the crooners. So, we’re inviting them to the family – for good. Send us mp3s, videos, lyrics and anything else you see fit. (Certain issues (print) will constrain our ability to publish certain material, but we will still make a home for you on our site and web issue.)


Are you a connoisseur of Flash, or other development tools? We dig animations, movies, clips, interactive journeys, or anything you can come up that will tell a unque story. This is a great category for collaboration. Contact us if you are a developer and would like to team up with an artist or writer to create a special Fever event for the upcoming issue.



we accept

  • Writing

  • Visual Art

  • Music

  • Multimedia



Please attach a cover sheet to your submission with your name, email, address, a brief press-ready biography statement, genre you are submitting (poetry, editorial, visual art, etc.) and titles of your work. This helps our records, which increases our response time on your work.

Send all submissions to submissions [at] literaryfever [dot] com